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10 Automotive Body Sealer 10.5 Oz. Cartridges

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10 Automotive Body Sealer 10.5 Oz. Cartridges


10 Automotive Body Sealer 10.5 Oz. Cartridges


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Automotive Body Sealer 10.5 Oz. Cartridge – 10 TubesFor use as a water and dust seal on exterior and interior body surfaces. New improved formula allows for alonger open time so it can be tooled for several minutes after being applied. Cures to a firm abrasion resistantseal with no cracks or peeling. Can be air dried or force dried and then painted within 30 minutesStands up on vertical surfaces and wont crack even in large seams. Ideal for drip molds, interior trunk welds, exterior body seam welds and many other body seam areas. Possesses excellent flexibility properties so it willnot harden or become brittle. Excess sealer and smears can be cleaned up with a suitable solvent before sealer dries. Sealer surface acceptsall paints and must be painted.


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