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A Passion for Running: Portraits of the Everyday Runner

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A Passion for Running: Portraits of the Everyday Runner


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In his autobiography Running through My Mind: Confessions of an Every Day Runner, author and runner Scott Ludwig states he would like to write a book about the superheroes he”s grown to know throughout his running lifetime. Ludwig”s second book, A Passion for Running: Portraits of the Everyday Runner tells the amazing stories of 18 runners he has grown to respect and admire in his 31 years as a runner. Inside you will meet: Anne, an admitted couch potato at 40 and accomplished 100-mile runner at 56. Bobbi, the first woman to run the Boston Marathon during a time when women ”weren”t capable of running more than 1 1/2 miles.” Elizabeth, who ran through the dark to complete her first 100-mile run despite having no vision at night..and 97% vision loss during the day. Sarah, the only finisher–male or female–of a bitterly cold race which just happened to be 135 miles long. Lloyd, a beginning runner at 59 and holder of various age group records once he reached the ages of 70, 75, 80 and now 85. Bob, winner of countless races in his 30”s and 40”s who can”t seem to slow down in his 50”s. Jerry, who ran an official marathon course 200 times in the year 2000 because…well, just because. Al, who has run a sub-five minute mile, sub-three hour marathon, and 100 miles in less than 24 hours at age 60 yet still imagines what the future holds at the age of 64. All have their own unique story to tell, and Ludwig is proud to be the one to tell them. You”ll find all of their stories fascinating: how running became a part of their lives; their approach to the physical, psychological and emotional demands of running; and their special advice and insight into the sport. You”ll also hear their personal accounts of the most memorable running event in each of their lives, from the Boston Marathon to the Comrades Marathon to the Western States Endurance Run to the blistering Badwater Ultramarathon to the frigid Arrowhead 135 Their stories will be sure to inspire and motivate you for a lifetime.


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