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Automotive Inventions

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Automotive Inventions


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In 1963-75, among novelties described in his 600 Soviet patent applications and publications, S.I. Fishgal pioneered in automotive field, including using cavitation, ultrasonics, servo systems for driverless tracking along a buried cable, etc. Then he was suddenly out of the USSR stateless, paperless, and almost nameless. Naturally, Fishgal’s unpublished works disappeared. The author’s other engineering books are “Applied Mathematics in Inventions”, “Applied Cavitation Inventions”, “Applied Hydro-Impact Inventions”, “Rock Crushers Inventions”, “Military Cable Layers-Extractors Inventions”, and “Highways and Concrete Inventions”. His intriguing truthful historical books novels are “Piddler on the Hoof”, “Kosher Hooks” and “Mein Krampf”. His horse sense, crisp and funny language, topsy-turvy idioms, and plays of words are striking. Hopefully, he is neither the worst novelist of inventors, nor the worst inventor of novelists. Note. In S.I. Fishgal’s design perfection, there is nothing to take away from the designed item. The simplicity allows the user to fix minor things according to the accompanied manual and set of tools. His military experience as a child growing up in the rearguard (described in his “Piddler on the Hoof”), later as a conscript and then as a participant in military tests of his machines showed that conscripts were law educated, had interest only what could be useful in the civilian life, had terrible food, clothing and so on. Besides, anything that could be damaged, lost, or stolen would be damaged, lost, and stolen. In the crapitalictic perfection, there is nothing to add to the design. The user of computerized machines must trust service specialists and insurance companies. The potential for abuse is staggering. The insurance cartel could record every detail of the driving and simply add a surcharge to the cars without electronics as allegedly less safe. As to hackers, they can remotely open the closed doors, take over the driving from


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S.I. Fishgal


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