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Beginner's Guide to Boating: A How to Guide

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Beginner’s Guide to Boating: A How to Guide


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Beginner’s Guide to Boating is everything an absolute beginner needs to get out there on the water and start enjoying life far from the madding crowd, out where it is just you and the sea and sky. If you’re planning on buying a boat or already have one that’s not being used, it’s time to learn how to use it. You can start this great learning journey by reading Beginner’s Guide to Boating. Beginner’s Guide to Boating is a simple and no-nonsense approach to recreational boating. It’s a manual that you will find useful from start to finish. This book lets you in on the secrets to boating success. For starters, the book lays out the fundamentals of boating by discussing the general topics every boater needs to know. This book gives you the knowledge and motivation you need to finally get your boat out on the water. One of the first things discussed is how to buy a boat. There are many different kinds of boats, each used for a different activity. Knowing what type of boat you want depending on what you plan to use it for is the first step. Also, this book will give you the tips on how and where to buy a boat, including information on financing. Setting up your boat is also discussed in this book. There are many things to consider before getting your boat out on the water. Ensuring safety and having the right equipment on your boat are only a few things you’ll need to do first. It’s important to make sure you, your guests, and your boat are sea-ready. To cater to the many boating activities, Beginner’s Guide to Boating goes into detail on boat types. You will learn what boats are used for each kind of recreation. If you’re not sure on what type of boat you want, your search ends here. You will know what boat type is best for you. Contents: PrefaceIntroductionChapter 1: What boat to buy?Chapter 2: Buying a used boatChapter 3: Where to buyChapter 4: Boat financingChapter 5: Insurance & registrationChapter 6: MaintenanceChapter 7: Emergency repairsChapter 8: Boat equipmentChapter 9:


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