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Boon Bubbles Suction Cup Bath Toys, 12m+, 1 ea

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Boon Bubbles Suction Cup Bath Toys, 12m+, 1 ea

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Bubbles Suction Cup Bath Toys, 12m+


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Suction Cups Attach to the Bath Wall Dont Pop Like Real Bubbles Stack, Link Build Fun Shapes Set of 10 Bubble Toys Bubbles: Their only imperfection is a short life span. Until now. Stick these bubble suction cups on each other, the bath or your kid. Bonus: No dry or itchy skin after using these bubbles! Set of 10 bubble toys comes with two sizes. Stack, link and build fun shapes and structures. Dont pop like real bubbles. Suction cups attach to the bath wall, each other and even your child.






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