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Buy A Boat With Confidence And Save Money

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Buy A Boat With Confidence And Save Money

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Go boat shopping with all the tips and tricks from the guy who’s done over 12000 boat evaluations, and hundreds of boat tests. This insider’s boat buying guide is the tell all book to about how to buy the right boat, not get ripped off, and not get stuck with a lemon. This book is so much more than how to just negotiate the best deal. It’s so complete and so candid, it’s like taking Doug Dawson boat shopping with you, guiding you every step of the way so that you know: a) a simple technique to know if your boat fits, b) how to research & get the truth about specific boat models, c) the absolute best time to start the process of buying your boat, d) how to benefit from the incredible hidden opportunities at a boat show and not come off as an amateur, e) how to watch out for the little known secrets salespeople use to demo a boat so that weaknesses don’t show, f) learn how to demo it yourself, g) the truth about buying used boats and when buying used makes a lot of sense, h) how to make sure you’re not overpaying for electronics, i) the correct way to use your bank when buying a boat, j) know the difference between the 5 kinds of salespeople and know which type is best for you, k) why almost everyone is wrong about what a salesperson is supposed to do, l) what never to believe from any private seller, m) how to make sure you’re not overpaying for insurance, n) take advantage of dozens of money saving tips (hint: and they have nothing to do with the purchase price!) and much, much more. For more information go to www. boatingwithdawsons.com


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