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Capillary Strengthening Serum

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Capillary Strengthening Serum

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Capillary Strengthening Serum. Cecilia developed this serum to heal her clients? concerns: Broken capillaries and rosacea. She wanted a natural, long-lasting solution instead of topical creams laden with chemicals and corticosteroids that only suppress symptoms. Repairing Capillary Strength Serum is a carefully balanced, therapeutic blend of 8 precious oils, designed to strengthen skin, prevent capillary breakage, relieve redness, soothe inflammation, and comfort fragile skin. A potent dose of Helichrysum Oil, known as? Immortal and Everlasting? in ancient remedies, has powerful anti-inflammatory, skin-rejuvenating, and cell-regenerative properties to benefit fragile skins. Chamomile, Carrot Seed, and Borage Oils combine to further soothe and strengthen. With use, you?ll see blotchiness, pain, redness, and capillaries visibly reduced. Skin acts and feels stronger. So concentrated, only a drop or two is needed for the whole face. Skin feels instant relief; emerging calm and smooth. Es




Cecilia Wong Skin Care


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