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Coffee Goats Milk Soap (2 Bar Bundle)

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Coffee Goats Milk Soap (2 Bar Bundle)

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Coffee Goats Milk Soap (2 Bar Bundle). This deliciously comforting bar of soap smells like rich coffee with sweet cream, indulgent chocolate and a hint of vanilla. Good morning, leap out of bed, today is going to be a good day! First thing on the agenda is to take that morning shower with a creamy, moisturizing, exfoliating bar of soap that smells like heaven. Starbucks heaven that is. How can you not have an amazing day with a start like that, no go take on the day. Why Coffee? Because coffee is one of the best things ever invented! The ground coffee in this soap gives you a good exfoliation to remove the dead skin cell and reveal your best, softest skin. Coffee also has been proven to reduce the appearance of cellulite. and no girl wants that! Coffee is also a great odor absorber so you smell fresh and clean and coffee even helps fight acne. These are all great benefits but the best reason to put coffee in soap is because of the spectacular aroma. Even the scent of coffee relaxes




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