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Darn Tough Socks Women's 1908 SLT Grey Merino Wool Cushioned Socks

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Darn Tough Socks Women’s 1908 SLT Grey Merino Wool Cushioned Socks


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Wear the wrong underwear and you’re going to be adjusting things and feeling weird all day long. Wear the wrong clothing on your feet and you’re going to wind up with feet that are wet, smelly, uncomfortable, possibly covered with blisters and fungus. (Wait a moment–we just disgusted ourselves.) Wear these Darn Tough Women’s 1908 SLT Slate Grey Merino Wool Full-Cushioned Socks instead, and your skin is going to stay sweet, soft, and safe.Soft Merino wool was used to make the comfortable design of these Darn Tough socks. The 69% Merino wool keeps the design lightweight but warm. Merino wool is insulating, but it’s so breathable and light it’s used for athletic wear. Merino wool also absorbs moisture, up to one-third of its own weight, to keep your skin dryer while wearing these full-cushion socks.Add in the 27% abrasion-resistant nylon and 4% stretchy Lycra spandex, and you’ve got grey socks that are flexible and comfortable. They wick moisture to keep you dryer and keep your skin feeling cooler. You’ll sweat less, and that’s exactly what you want.You also want softness in your steps. That’s why these moisture-wicking socks are built with high-density cushioning around the entire foot and shin area. Ribbing above the ankle creates a stretchy fit. Elastic support in the arch area of these Darn Tough socks helps keep muscles lifted to prevent pain and strain.Aqua blue accents add color to the slate gray design. These merino wool socks are tough and pretty. The heel and toe are reinforced for durability to provide extra strength. To make these Darn Tough socks feel even smoother against your feet, they’re made with ring toe construction to create an invisible, comfortable seam.Make the right decision, and wear Darn Tough Women’s 1908 SLT Slate Grey Merino Wool Full-Cushioned Socks. Your feet will thank you for the dry and comfortable environment that you give them!Manufactured sizes include: S, M, L




Darn Tough Socks


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