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Detox In Shower Body Oil

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Detox In Shower Body Oil

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Detox in Shower Body Oil. Citrus Ginger Finishing Shower Body Oil is a detoxifying blend that’s fresh and earthy with ginger, orange, geranium, and lemon. You know how important it is to detox your skin. Build up from the junk you put on your skin, pollutants, and chemicals. Weather you are going on a detox, or just want to make detoxing a regular part of your routine, this body oil was created with a special blend of essential oils to stimulate circulation and continue the detoxification and purifying process even after you are out of the shower. This In-Shower Body Oil will change the way you think about moisturizing. No more standing there dripping wet and cold trying to apply your body lotion as quickly as possible. The best time to moisturize you skin is IN THE SHOWER! Not only is it warm and comfortable but you’re skin is moist and soft, your pores are open and welcoming. You want to lock in all that yummy moisture before you leave the shower. Use this Shower Finishing Oil every




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