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Devita Natural Skin Care 180893 Mud Masque Cappuccino Cocoa 3 Oz

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Devita Cappuccino Cocoa Mud Masque – 3 Oz


Devita Cappuccino Cocoa Mud Masque – 3 Oz


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UPC: 682941401001. Devita Cappuccino Cocoa Mud Masque – 3 Oz. Naturally rich in nutrients that replenish the skin. Devita cappuccino cocoa mud masqueDevita mud masque cappuccino cocoa.A trip to chocolate land without the calories. Uummm, the delicious smell of chocolate and coffee really makes your mouth water. Our gentle face masque is naturally rich in nutrients that replenish the skin, plus the extra kick from caffeine, natures own micro cellular stimulant. Add to this the detoxifying benefits of 3 different types of clays. Montmorillonite, and kaolin from spain and italy, and bentonite, all of which leave the skin feeling so soft and supple.A perfect choice for all skin types, as it can stimulate and encourage the circulation and refresh the skin. Excellent for use as a body masque for legs and back.b>Devita skin care are:100 percent vegan.100 percent paraben free. Gluten sensitive safe. GMO free. Never tested on animals. Protect Your Skin With DeVita!


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Devita Natural Skin Care


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