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Frankincense Meditation Body Oil

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Frankincense Meditation Body Oil

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Frankincense Meditation Body Oil. Enhance your meditation experience with this spiritual and grounding body oil. Use this oil before any kind of meditation as a preparation to put you in a state where you are better to receive the healing energies. Sometimes we need a little help calming our mind or putting ourselves in the right mindset for meditation. Use this oil in your practice to deepen your level of connection and receive all the amazing benefits of meditation. Frankincense is the holiest of all essential oils, it’s said it can be used to awaken one’s spiritual purpose. Frankincense calms, comforts, centers, and helps to stabilize our emotions. It’s very grounding and helps quiet and clarify the mind. [How To Make This Happen] Use before any kind of meditation practice to calm your mind and open up to receive the healing energy. Pour a little on the palm of your hands, rub them together and inhale the aromas from y




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