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Hair growth stimulating oil and styling aid

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Hair growth stimulating oil and styling aid

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Hair Growth Stimulating Oil and Styling Aid. With OMS 100% natural botanical hair oil, you will finally achieve hair greatness! THIS PRODUCT WORKS. With proven Ayurvedic herbs that have been compared to minoxidil for their hair growth properties and our synergistic proprietary blend, your hair will flourish. Use 2 or more times a week as treatment for healthy hair growth stimulation. Be patient and use as directed. You will notice new growth with in 5-6 weeks of treatments. Our growth stimulating, 100% natural, concentrated botanicals and oils allow the scalp and hair to function at it’s best. As your hair is nourished and stimulated with our synergistic blend, you will see immediate improvements in the health of your hair, hydration, shine and fullness. Your hair will be more manageable, lustrous and beautiful. Also works as a dr frizzer and hair straightener. OMS truly is a hair miracle in a bottle!




OMS Hair Care


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