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Hunter's Specialties Primetime Premium Doe Estrus

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Hunter’s Specialties Primetime Premium Doe Estrus


100 percent natural; rut tested: Hunter’s Specialties Primetime Premium Doe Estrus is 100 percent natural whitetail doe-in-heat urine collected during the estrus cycle plus secretions taken during the 24-36 hour breeding period. A stimulating urine for luring that trophy whitetail in from long distances. Get ready for some close encounters! Two ounce amber bottle and atomizer.


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Hunter’s Specialties Primetime Premium Doe Estrus:100-percent natural urine and secretionsCollected during the 24-36-hour breeding periodAtomizer bottle for clean, no-mess applicationLures whitetail from a long distanceStimulates hormonal urges of the buck throughout the rutHunting attractant lets you create a location where deer will come, giving you the advantage Includes doe-in-heat urine from the estrus cycle


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Hunter’s Specialties


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