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I Run, Therefore I am Still Nuts!

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I Run, Therefore I am Still Nuts!

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Whether you are just getting acquainted with the joys of running or you can recite the brand and model number of your last 12 pairs of running shoes, you’ll identify with this book as runners did with the popular first volume, I Run, Therefore I Am–Nuts Best-selling running humorist Bob Schwartz–the Dave Barry of running–is back and will once again have you laughing as he captures the humor, craziness, and obsessions of runners–new and old–with this new collection of 43 hilarious stories. I Run, Therefore I Am– STILL Nuts brings out the humor in situations that every runner can relate to: – Suffering from RWIA, otherwise known as running watch information addiction – The addictive nature of high-intensity interval training – The depths of despair upon learning your favorite shoe will be discontinued – Embracing the saving grace of age-graded race time calculators – Attempting to run with a reluctant canine companion – Trying out running in the oxymoron of barefoot shoes If you know that the iliotibial band is not an alternative rock group, wear bruised toenails like badges of honor, and know the feeling of having an elephant resting on your shoulders as you’ve hit the wall–this book is for you


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