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Mandarin Detox Prep Body Oil

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Mandarin Detox Prep Body Oil

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Mandarin Detox Prep Body Oil – 2 Oz. Prepare your body the right way with this Mandarin Oil. If you’re planning on going on a detox or cleanse then let the detoxification begin long before you put in the hard work. Use this aromatherapy oil a week leading up to any detox or cleanse to prepare your body and insides for what’s to come. Mandarin essential oil is derived from mandarin oranges and has been shown to help with relaxing the nervous system, one of the best things you can do to get your body into a better state and prepare it for detoxification. It can also help purify the blood and improve the circulatory system. Mandarin essential oil has been shown to also help liver function- your liver is the most important organ when it comes to detoxing the body. [How To Make This Happen] Use Mandarin Oil from head to toe for a week leading up to a diet, detox, or cleanse. [You Get] A 4 oz. bottle [Specs] 100% All-Natura




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