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Merrell Shoes Women's J03962 Vegan-Friendly Black/Pink Running Shoes

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Merrell Shoes Women’s J03962 Vegan-Friendly Black/Pink Running Shoes


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Runners are a different breed. They’re more connected to the world, more aware of the ground, the weather, the very air they’re huffing and puffing. Seeing your world on foot gives you a different perspective. Maybe it makes you a little bit more conscious. If you want a pair of running shoes that give you top-notch performance without using any animal products at all, then these Merrell Women’s J03962 Black/Germanium Pink All Out Charge Vegan-Friendly Running Shoes are for you.You don’t often see jogging shoes listed as “vegan-friendly,” but since these Merrell shoes feature 0% animal products, they get that label. You don’t have to be a tree-hugging, dreadlocked hippie to appreciate that. But that doesn’t mean they sacrifice performance – far from it! Do animal products in your women’s shoes make you run faster? Nope. However, the Hyperwrap 360-degrees Fit System that locks your feet in place to enhance natural stability and agility might. And the fatigue-busting molded nylon arch shanks might, too. The more stable you are, the more confidently you’ll run. And that’s worth risking a “tree-hugger” label, isn’t it?The proprietary rubber/polyurethane compound M-Select GRIP outsoles on these pink and black shoes will help you conquer trails far better than leather or any other animal product would. They deliver durable, highly slip-resistant traction and grip on wet or dry ground. Their 5mm-deep circular lugs bite into terrain for animal-like changes of direction. From flat terrain to rocky trails, you’ll be stable, safer, and, hopefully, even faster. The 6mm drop helps you run more naturally. And when you’re sweating hard and setting PRs, the mesh uppers help keep your feet cooler and drier.Just like running connects you to the world around you, the Uni-Fly cushioning system connects you to the ground. This lightweight EVA midsoles are shaped to naturally activate the entire foot, plus they’re impact-responsive, so they’ll react to every step you take. They’re soft to the ground to absorb terrain, yet firm to your feet to keep you stable. You get soft landings but firm take-offs – a runner’s dream. For added safety, these Merrell vegan-friendly shoes have reflective details for increased visibility in low light. Plus the footbeds are removable for easy cleaning.You don’t have to switch to a vegan diet, join PETA, or even eat one leaf of kale to fall in love with these Merrell Women’s J03962 Black/Germanium Pink All Out Charge Vegan-Friendly Running Slip-Resistant Shoes. Order yours today from Working Person’s Store to get your pair for the next big race!Manufactured Sizes: M: 6-10




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