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Mystical Miles The 2nd Dimension of Running

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Mystical Miles The 2nd Dimension of Running


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the philosophy of running … the running of philosophy; the joy and life of running. the running of joy and life: it’s all in the book mystical miles the 2nd dimension of running. through stories of the author’s running and racing distances from 1 km to 100 miles, the book explores the sweat, chafe, blisters and exhaustion; the challenges and achievements of running – its 1st dimension. Always practical it offers insights into most levels of running. Then mystical miles does more; much more as it turns out. ever-present for the author is the sense that running has more than one dimension. So the book also tells of the growth and blossoming of running rooted and sustained in its 1st dimension, into a second, ever-enriching dimension. The book tells of impact of running months into seasons and years on roads and through mountains, under star-bright skies with dolphins, rainbows and moon-shimmered waterfalls. It tells of the opening of mind and soul, of running into rewards, richness, value and spirit; of an ever-deepening understanding of self; self as a runner, of self and life. The book goes on to give enticing glimpses of more to explore and deepen. if there is a challenge in mystical miles it is less one of competition, effort, pain and work, and more one of finding a way to get some of the very best in life.


Rakuten Kobo Inc.


Smashwords Edition


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