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Older Yet Faster: Optimum Running Technique For Speed And Injury Prevention

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Older Yet Faster: Optimum Running Technique For Speed And Injury Prevention


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This book is a fusion of running technique and podiatry. Author Keith Bateman is a full-time running technique coach and, at age 57, the older person ever to run 10km in under 32 minutes. he holds 35 State age-group records and 15 Australian age-group records, and all 5 world 55-age-group records for 1500m (4:12.34) and 10,000m (31.51.86).Keith’s wife and co-author is a former youth state champion running 10 miles in 58:13 and 10km in 33:40 at the age of 17. After being told she would never run again she followed the bio-mechanics she was taught at podiatry school to fight her way back but suffered multiple stress fractures and other impact injuries. She was already moving away from orthotics and chunky shoes when she met Keith and the squad of top-level athletes he was training with. She soon realised what she was taught could not be right! Heidi is now well-known in Sydney as the podiatrist who fixes people by foot strengthening, removing orthotics and chunky shoes and teaching proper running technique. Keith is an expert at removing the pain caused by the runners only enemy, over-striding (landing with the foot in front of the hips as everyone except the best runners do), and making them much faster in the process. Based on Keith’s highly successful technique-change sessions, this book deals with a runner’s number one enemy, over-striding. It shows what it is, what damage it causes, and how to fix it so you can run smoother, faster, and further* Over-striding = pressing on the ground in front of the hips – you probably think you don’t do it but unless you are a very fast, smooth runner the camera will prove otherwise. Backed up with strengthening exercises by podiatrist Heidi Jones, and tips to aid your transition, this is your ticket to more successful, less injury-prone running. Lessons, drills and exercises are backed up with beautifully drawn illustrations by Ainsley Knott, Bristol, UK


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