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Rockport Works Shoes Women's RK670 Steel Toe Navy ESD Boat Shoes

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Rockport Works Shoes Women’s RK670 Steel Toe Navy ESD Boat Shoes


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You don’t need us to tell you these Rockport Works RK670 Navy Blue Women’s Steel Toe Tie ESD Boat Shoes are casually stylish. They’re a perfect example of carefree fashion, and are still cute enough to wear anywhere. But what you do need to know that these cute, fashionable safety toe shoes are totally ready to work. The two-tone, low-cut design of these boating shoes would be perfect for a day of shopping or a trip to the park. But, with their steel safety toes are are ready for some work situations, as well. The light tan Nubuck leather brightens up the navy blue, while visible white stitching ties the entire design together. Nubuck leather has the touchability of suede, but it performs as durably against weather and wear as full-grain leather. Even the laces are made in a two-tone design, with navy accents decorating the pure white. It’s a classic 3-eye tie boat shoe…and it’s also perfect for using as work shoes.Inside the slip-on shoes you will find abrasion-resistant nylon material withstands repeated wear and tear. The thin, lightweight fabric is constructed in a mesh design that releases heat to naturally vent your feet. Skin stays cooler, less sweaty, even when you’re hard at work. EVA foam gives you softer steps while you have these Rockport Works shoes on. The cushioning inserts provide airy impact-absorbance whether you’re walking around on the job or just walking the dog in the morning. Heel stabilizer cups are integrated right into the EVA foam for surer steps. Stable heels lead to safer steps while in your new safety toe shoes. The inserts are removable, so you can pull them right out for a good cleaning and odor-management.More EVA foam was used in the midsole layer of the steel toe shoes, because why not double up the softness? Two layers of soft foam will hit the ground before your feet do, leading to less-fatigued muscles. It all rests on top of the rubber bottom outsoles. Rubber is so good at absorbing shock and cushioning impact, it’s used to keep heavy metal cars from falling down onto the road and these Rockport Works shoes. Just imagine how well it can cushion your steps. Steel toes in these boat shoes protect the vulnerable tips of your feet from dangerous impact and compression. Meanwhile, the whole design is made to meet ESD safety ratings. That means these ESD shoes are electro static dissipative, and won’t create shocking static that may harm sensitive electronics. The only thing casual about these Rockport Works RK670 Navy Blue Women’s Steel Toe ESD Boat Shoes is that cute style. The rest of the design offers serious comfort and softness. You can look fashionable, and still take good care of your feet. You just need the right work women’s work shoes for the job. We suggest you hire these Rockport Works shoes today.Manufactued Sizes: M 6-11 | W 6-11




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