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Run With Power: The Complete Guide To Power Meters For Running

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Run With Power: The Complete Guide To Power Meters For Running

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RUN WITH POWER will introduce the use of power meters to the sport of running and show runners how to break through to all-new levels of performance. The introduction of power meters for running is about to revolutionize how runners train and race, from 5K to ultramarathon. Power meters are cutting-edge training devices that show much more than just how fast or how far a runner has gone. Power meters show a runner how hard they are working, how to run more efficiently, and how to pace their efforts for better performance over the course of a workout or a race. If knowledge is power, then the introduction of power meters will give an unprecedented view into the sport of running and change the sport forever. Yet the data from a power meter can be confusing and overwhelming to those new to the practice. In his groundbreaking book RUN WITH POWER, coach Jim Vance demystifies the numbers and shows runners how to train and race with a power meter in simple terms. Runners will see how to find their most crucial power numbers so they can precisely match their training to their race season, push their limits step by step, pinpoint fitness changes reliably, time their peak fitness for key events, and vastly improve the fitness gained from each workout.


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