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Running--Just Undo It

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Running–Just Undo It


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Recognized leaders in the scientific research and development fields of running should never have been taken seriously. They have all failed to solve the mechanics of what it takes to run. My techniques are not simply better, they are the only way to do it effectively. They will help everyone achieve better health, safety, and performance than they have been able to do by running the old way.If running is a part of your exercise routine, Running–Just Undo It will help you improve your performance. Author Jack Nirenstein”s amazing methods will transform how you run by teaching you simply to pay close attention to the mechanics of the human body. While gravity running is not a new concept, the Nirenstein method is the first and only way to make it work.Nirenstein contends that athletes tend to let bad science interfere with their inherent body mechanics. Too many runners don”t achieve optimum performance because of inaccurate instructions about proper form. The standard science of pushing hard for a longer stride sounds logical, but Nirenstein shows you how it actually opposes the body”s forward motion.With stretching techniques, step-by-step instructions for all types of running, and many helpful photos and illustrations, you”ll be off and running in no time!


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