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Skin 2 Skin Care 24 & 7 Rejuvenation Cream

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Skin 2 Skin Care 24 & 7 Rejuvenation Cream

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Formulated specifically for maturing skin (ages 35 and up) to prevent signs of premature aging. With four Smart Antiaging peptides (Tego-PEP 4-17 at 4% HyaCare50 at 2% Melanostatine5 at 4% and Eukarion-134 at 0.5%) these 21st century mega-components stimulate and facilitate collagen and Hyaluronic Acid production to increase and maintain volume and elasticity while tightening and lifting the skin. As we age and our skin tone becomes dull it 24/7 lightens and brightens all skin tones. Controlling the secretion of the skins oils for all skin types balances the skin and controls bacteria growth and clogged pores that cause adult acne. Use with the first signs of premature aging. Use together with Aging Intervention Cream a day cream or by itself as a day and light night cream. Fragrance is our preparatory essential oil blend; White Tea Neroli Jasmine Orange Spearmint Lemon and Bergamot and Dye Free.
FeaturesTightens and Lifts Sagging Skin
Lightens Dull Mature Skin and Balance Skin Tone
Facilitates Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid Production up to 33%
Controls Oil Secretion Acne and Chronic Inflammation
Regenerating Antioxidant Softens and Smoothes Skin
Key IngredientsTego-PEP 4-17 – At 4% a concentration. Increases the skin firmness awakens Collagen by 2.5 fold and Hyaluronic Acid reducing lines and wrinkles.
HyaCar50 – At 2% concentration. Activates Hyaluronic Acid up to 33% increasing hydration and volume.
Melanostatine5 – At 4% concentration. New cutting edge peptide lightens the overall appearance of dull mature skin.
Eukarion-134 – At 0.5% concentration. Helps to prevent dark spots and tissue injury from oxygen ions a regenerating antioxidant copper peptide adding the skin to heal quickly from injury and resurfacing treatments




Skin 2 Skin Care


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