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Skin 2 Skin Care Revitalizing Eye Gel

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Skin 2 Skin Care Revitalizing Eye Gel

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Intensive light-advanced hydrating eye treatment delivers oxygen to the tissue instantly reducing daily puffiness while tightening the skin. The peptide Regu-Age decreases dark circles up to 35% and puffiness up to 32%. With continued use connective tissue shows long term increase. Improves the most severe signs of aging including fine lines and wrinkles. Fragrance-Free and Dye Free.
FeaturesAnti-Inflammatory That Reduces Puffiness
Visibly Brightens Dark Circles
Hydrates and Nourishes
Reduces Fine Lines and Wrinkles
Contains Powerful Anti-Oxidants
Key IngredientsRegu-Age 5% – A peptide that reduces dark circles up to 35% and puffiness up to 32% when applied twice a day.
Arnica Oil – Reduces inflammation of puffy and swollen skin around the eyes.
Aloe Vera – A skin rejuvenator that improves skin’s texture eliminates dryness itchiness and irritations caused by eczema.
Noni Juice – Heals the skin safely and efficiently removes dead skin and regenerates healthy skin.
Also contains: Vitamin E and 20 Certified Organic Extracts.




Skin 2 Skin Care


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