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Skin 2 Skin Care White Tea Face Wash

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Skin 2 Skin Care White Tea Face Wash

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A non-drying facial cleanser that retains skin’s natural oils as it hydrates effectively ridding skin of dirt impurities and dead skin while killing bacteria and fungus. Anti-oxidants fight the effects of sun damage minimize skin inflammation target blemishes and improve skin’s overall appearance. Fragranced with natural essential oils Dye Free
FeaturesSulfate Free & Biodegradable Botanical Cleanser
Deep Cleansing and Light Exfoliation
Removes All Makeup (including eye makeup)
Hydrates Softens Skin
Anti-Oxidant & PH Balanced
Key Ingredients (and Essential Oils)3% Soy Glycerin – Hydrates skin and regulates water balance.
White Tea – One of the world’s most powerful antioxidants known.
Neroli – Increases circulation and encourages healing as it gently exfoliates.
Jasmine – Increases skin’s elasticity and promotes health new cell growth.
Orange – Powerful antioxidant high in vitamin C assisting in cell turn-over and removing harmful toxins.
Spearmint – A natural antiseptic that promotes cleaner healthier skin while reducing acne and dryness.
Lemon – Revitalizes mature skin and works to eliminate toxins deep within the skin.
Borgamot – An Antiseptic and astringent regulating the skin’s oils toning and reduces acne / blemishes.
Also contains: 20 Certified Organic Extracts .




Skin 2 Skin Care


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