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Tifosi Optics Dolomite 2.0 Sunglasses Gloss Black/Clarion Green-AC Red-Clear, One Size

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Tifosi Optics Dolomite 2.0 Sunglasses Gloss Black/Clarion Green-AC Red-Clear, One Size


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Tifosi is an Italian optics brand dedicated to runners, cyclists, and endurance athletes the world over. With a robust frame and streamlined design details, the Dolomite 2. 0 Sunglasses reflect this dedication to performance. When you pick up these sunglasses, you’ll immediately feel the smooth, contoured lines in your hand, and when you slip them on, the soft pads will sit comfortably on your nose and against your temples. Tifosi used high-impact materials in both the frame and the lenses, which is a nice touch for people who go fast and occasionally push the limit a little too far. Since fog can turn your vision into a blurry mess, the Dolomite lenses have two vents that allow cool air to circulate behind the lenses and away from your face, taking with it excess moisture. These shades also have an interchangeable lens design: just spread the frame apart and press down on the lens to pop it out when you need to adjust for changing light. Each frame comes with three different lens color options–check the sizing chart to see information on each lens tint. For the endurance athlete with a moderate-to-large face, these shades are the ticket to crystal-clear vision no matter how you’re moving on the trail or the road. The Tifosi brand was born in 2003, and since then its line of sunglasses has expanded to include running, riding, and general performance pieces. Among the lineup, the Dolomite 2. 0 sunglasses offer one of the most effective lens-ventilation designs and a frame-and-lens combo that’s more robust than the open-frame designs like the Veloce or the Podium. Although the Dolomite 2. 0 is also offered with a photochromic lens, this model offers the most bang for your buck.




Tifosi Optics


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