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Toshiba 15" Laptop - AMD A8, 1TB HDD, Windows 10 with Earbuds

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Toshiba 15″ Laptop – AMD A8, 1TB HDD, Windows 10 with Earbuds

5 out of 5 based on 2 customer ratings
(2 customer reviews)
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The road is calling. There’s a big, beautiful world out there to enjoy–and with the Toshiba Satellite C55DT-C5245 Windows 10 laptop, you can bring your computer along for the ride as you hop from place to place.Built with an AMD A8-7410 quad-core processor and 6GB of RAM, this laptop offers the speed and performance of a desktop, so you can knock out your to-do list at home, in the office, or at the coffee shop just as easily. And with a 1TB hard drive, it has tons of space for work documents and games alike.No mouse? No problem! With a touchscreen display and Cortana–Microsoft’s virtual personal assistant–you can control everything on the PC with just a brush of your fingers or the sound of your voice. From Toshiba.You’ll also receive a pair of Skullcandy earbuds, so you can rock out without distractions.For helpful terms and definitions, please refer to the Computer Glossary tab above.Wireless capability may require a network connection, accessories, and/or a service fee. Use of Bluetooth technology may require software and accessories.Please consult the manufacturer’s documentation regarding the safe and proper use, handling, storage, charging, and disposal of products containing lithium-ion batteries.





2 reviews for Toshiba 15″ Laptop – AMD A8, 1TB HDD, Windows 10 with Earbuds

  1. 5 out of 5


    This is a very fast laptop with a beautiful display and very responsive touchscreen. The time it takes to load programs, and even Windows itself, is quite impressive. The touchscreen is extremely responsive and it is probably the best display I have ever seen on any computer. The back-lit keyboard is very convenient, though the keys have a very plastic-y feel to them, unlike my Windows 7 Toshiba.

    Windows 10 has its pros and cons, which really depend on the preference of the user. I am not particularly fond of it as it makes such a powerful computer seem like it’s little more than an oversize tablet. However, the integration does make it easy for my job since I can have both my work and personal mail and calendars easily available without additional software (such as Outlook).

    My only complaint about this laptop is the touchpad, which sucks in comparison to other Toshiba touchpads I have used (and most other non-Toshiba touchpads). I was disappointed with the responsiveness of the touchpad at first, but there is a setting to change the delay, which definitely made it much better. However, that then made it far too sensitive most of the time, yet still unresponsive at other times, resulting in frustration. I do find myself using the touchscreen a lot though since I am used to using one at work and it is much faster. There also isn’t a scroll area on the touchpad, which is disappointing.

    Aside from the horrible touchpad (and maybe I got a bad one), this is a really great laptop. Just do yourself a favor and get a wireless mouse.

  2. 5 out of 5


    Overall, I’m very happy with this laptop, and for three reasons especially:
    1) The screen is brilliant and vibrant and beautiful — great for watching movies without being hard on my eyes while I’m typing. I have never before had a laptop with a screen this perfect. The fact that it’s a touchscreen makes it all the better.
    2) I love that the screen can flip around to tablet and presentation view. The tablet view is great for editing pictures, and the presentation view is perfect for watching movies — and it is stable enough in that mode that I can just prop it up on the sofa, bed. etc. to watch, without needing to set it on a perfectly flat surface.
    3) This may sound like a minor detail, but I LOVE having a fully functional keyboard, including a number pad. Even the other full size laptops I’ve had before have all left off the number pad, and having it there makes this a far more functional “work from home” machine for me.

    There were other positives as well — super easy to set up (less than 5 minutes from turning on to up and running), the power cord is nice and reasonably long, and the speakers are good for a laptop. I also have a Surface Pro 3, and I have a feeling this will be replacing that for most things except traveling — the Surface is more portable, but this is far more functional for me, and the screen and keyboard are both miles better.

    That said, there were a few minor let downs:
    * The plastic casing feels a tad flimsy in places, especially around the edges of the screen and keyboard near the hinges, so I feel like I need to be a bit more careful when rotating the screen than I might be otherwise.
    * The track pad isn’t quite as friendly as I’d like it to be, and it’s pretty particular about where you need to click for your clicks to be accepted — so it can be frustrating at first to HEAR the click but to not see the actual click response on the screen. This bothers me less than it might otherwise, though, since I just find myself using the touchscreen instead of the trackpad for most things.
    * My other beefs are really more about Windows 10 than anything else, and I can’t justifiably hold Toshiba responsible for that.

    Overall, though, this is a great machine — far better than I expected for the price. I’ll come back and update this review later once I’ve had a chance to play more games on it (although it’s done fine with the ones I’ve tried so far), since that can be a good overall test of performance.

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