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Verita Organic Argan Oil Makeup Remover - 30ml

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Verita Organic Argan Oil Makeup Remover – 30ml

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Verit Organic Argan Oil Makeup Remover – 30ml. Vitamins In, Eyeliner Out: Makeup Removal like a Spa Treatment! Day is done, the office is a fleeting memory (at least until tomorrow), but before you can call it a night, the makeup must go. Say hello to your vitamins as you bid farewell to mascara, eyeliner, and foundation with Verita Organic Argan Oil Makeup Remover. Our lightweight, chemical-free, all-organic face care replenishes your stock of vitamins B1, B2, and B6, thanks to the gentle lather of Sweet Almond oil. Skin cell regenerating Rose Hip oil nourishes you with wrinkle-preventing vitamin A, while the vitamin E within pure Argan oil moisturizes your thirsty skin, enhancing its luxuriant glow. As an added bonus, the astringent Grape Seed oil tightens and tones. Together, these 100% organic oils neutralize free radicals that might otherwise leave signs of aging. Apply a small amount of Verita Makeup Remover and massage your skin for 1-2 minutes. Rinse clean under warm water, the




Verita Organic Argan Skin Care


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