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Women's Kamala Skirt

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Women’s Kamala Skirt


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The Kamala Skirt from Patagonia will be the most versatile piece in your wardrobe. It easily converts from a skirt to a halter dress. You basically get two items in your wardrobe for the price of one. The Kamala will see the most use out of all of your wardrobe pieces. PRODUCT FEATURES: Wide cinched waistband fits snugly and is adjustable on right side with ties Asymmetrical skirt falls below the knee When converted to a bandeau-style dress, the doubled waistband becomes the bodice, and ties secure behind the neck 4.8-oz 55% organic cotton/45% Tencel lyocell 58667 , patagonia Womens Kamala Skirts , Womens Kamala Skirt patagonia , patagonia Kamala Skirts , Kamala Skirt patagonia , patagonia Womens Kamalas , Womens Kamala patagonia , patagonia Kamalas , Kamala patagonia , dresses casual summer , dresses for summer , dresses summer , short summer dresses , summer dresses , summer dresses women , womens dresses , casual dresses , fashion dresses , womens apparel , womens clothing , ladies dresses , dresses clothing , womens clothing dresses , dresses for women , womens casual dresses , womens dresses skirts , cutest summer dresses , dress casual summer , dress for summer , dress summer , short summer dress , summer dress , summer dress women , womens dress , casual dress , fashion dress , womens apparel , womens clothing , women’s dress , ladies dress , dress clothing , womens clothes , womens clothing dress , dress for women , womens casual dress , womens dress skirts , patagonia dresses casual summer , patagonia dresses for summer , patagonia dresses summer , patagonia short summer dresses , patagonia summer dresses , patagonia summer dresses women , patagonia womens dresses , patagonia casual dresses , patagonia fashion dresses , patagonia womens apparel , patagonia womens clothing , patagonia ladies dresses , patagonia dresses clothing , patagonia womens clothing dresses , patagonia dresses for women , patagonia womens casual dresses , patagonia womens dresses skirts , patagonia cutest summer dresses , patagonia dress casual summer , patagonia dress for summer , patagonia dress summer , patagonia short summer dress , patagonia summer dress , patagonia summer dress women , patagonia womens dress , patagonia casual dress , patagonia fashion dress , patagonia womens apparel , patagonia womens clothing , patagonia ladies dress , patagonia dress clothing , patagonia womens clothes , patagonia womens clothing dress , patagonia dress for women , patagonia womens casual dress , patagonia womens dress skirts






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