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Z Hunter ZB-008 Throwing Knife (3-Piece), 6-Inch Multi-Colored

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Z Hunter ZB-008 Throwing Knife (3-Piece), 6-Inch Multi-Colored


Z Hunter ZB-008 Throwing Knife (3-Piece), 6-Inch Multi-Colored


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Throwing knives might seem like a good idea at the onset of a zombie apocalypse, but unless youve got practice with them, theyre difficult to use at best. So its best to start practicing now, with this Z-Hunter Throwing Knife Set with Target, so that when the zombies do rise, youll be able to put a knife right where it belongs – in a zombies skull. This throwing knife set consists of a trio of throwing blades, each of which features a bold, angular blade that is designed for maximum penetration. The knives are made from stainless steel and feature cut-outs in the blade and handle, to best ensure that all the weight rests more squarely in the point (which ensures proper balance for every throw). Each knife also bears the Z-Hunter name, as well as a green bio-hazard symbol near the tip of the handle. Included with the three knives is a nylon sheath for easy carrying, as well as a round target board that you can use to practice your knife-throwing. The target board features three sections and copious blood spatter, as well as scores of 60, 80 and 100 points per throw. It is never too early to start training for the inevitable zombie outbreak and this Z-Hunter Throwing Knife Set with Target gives you all you need to start practicing your perfect throw. .


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