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Zen Dead Sea Salt Body Scrub

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Zen Dead Sea Salt Body Scrub

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Zen Dead Sea Salt Body Scrub. Clarity Body Scrub is a calming and grounding blend of sweet orange & rose with a hint of cedar wood. Meditating doesn’t have to happen sitting on a pillow or in a class. It can absolutely happen in your shower! Showers are cleansing to your bodies but with this Clarity Scrub showers will be cleansing for your mind too. We carefully blend botanical and use aromatherapy to keep you centered and balanced in your life. Use this scrub as a tool when you are stressed out, need a break from your long day, need to clear your head in the morning for a big day or special event. A shower is not just a shower anymore, it’s a moment for you to get back in tune with yourself. All-Natural balancing blend of botanicals and essential oils Made with Dead Sea Salt, Pumpkin Seed Oil, Rose Petals Feel good about what you are putting on your skin! Leaves your mind relaxed and your skin pampered, healthy, and silky soft




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